The Client
For more than 40 years, PRGX has been helping companies around the world reduce costs, optimize working capital and mitigate risk at all stages of the Source-to-Pay (S2P) process. As a leader in data analytics and recovery audit, no other company achieves greater value for customers than PRGX.
The Objective
Create a cohesive design system for use on banners, booth, printed materials as well as water bottles.
The Solution
The theme for this conference was "We can help your profits grow". The booth was modeled after a park, and every two- and three-dimensional design element rotated around the theme. 
Company banners were hung on lamp posts, branded water bottles and money tree seed packets were strategically placed on picnic benches and baskets within the booth area.
The centerpiece of the booth was a large, live tree hung with branded "ornaments" which the clients/prospects would pull from the tree and open to see what prize they've won.
During the conference, clients/prospects who stopped by to choose an ornament off of the tree were asked to take a survey which related to the Company's services. The results of the survey were then tallied and made into an info graphic which was then placed on the Company's website as well as emailed to the survey participants.
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